Nov 30- National Mousse Day

Dana has a yummy dark chocolate peppermint mousse recipe. I’m thinking you should make this on Christmas as well… score some points with guests 🙂 Advertisements

Nov 29- National Chocolate Day

I love brownies, but I don’t always like making them from scratch. Thankfully Enjoy Life came out with a boxed kind. I hate using that word because it doesn’t sound all that good. These brownies taste like homemade. Find out what I had to say about it: Brownies that everyone can enjoy!!.  

Nov 22- National Cashew Day

Now, I’m wanting to make some pasta using cashew cream….. Do you have a recipe you would like to feature here? Drop me a line.

Nov 19-

I’m going to be making up something…. I have about 10 months to do so