Nov 12- National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day

I love a good pizza! I love it even more when it’s a National Day, homemade and something I can tie in with a Vegan Snack Down challenge. Oh yeah baby….


First of all you need to start off with top notch products. And then only the sky is the limit.

Makes 2, but you can easily double this.


1/4 of my herbed pizza dough,or store bought

1/4 cup of marinara sauce

1 Field Roast sausage, cut up into chunks

3 slices of Follow Your Heart cheese slices. 2 slices of mozza, 1 slice of cheddar

Some Miyoko’s cheese to spread on the pizza dough (I used garlic and chive)

Some garlic butter for brushing on the warm pizza crust and about a tablespoon of Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts or more actually use more, they not only look pretty, but they’re healthful.

The How To:

Spray your 2 ramekins with oil.

If you are using dough that has been in the fridge, bring to room temp.

Have your fixings chopped up to the way you like them to fit the containers. Also you want to cut the cheese slices into quarters.

Take the mozza cheese, lay down 2 slices, take two cheddar place on mozza, take the remaining cheese place on top of cheddar.

Scoop some marinara sauce on the cheese, add the sausage, and the remaining fixings.

Roll out your pizza dough enough to fit the ramekins, you will want it to hang over. Pinch the dough tightly around the dish.

Place in air fryer- bake on 200 for 10-13 mins.

Be careful when taking them out, as they will be hot.

Spread your garlic butter on the crust and sprinkle with hemp seed. If you want sprinkle some vegan parm on it.

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Here’s the original recipe (It’s from Food Network), you will have to go to our page then click on the link. Hey, if you are interested in joining vegan snack down, go to the top for the link and join!!



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