March 31- National Tater Day

I love potatoes, any way I can get them. I can’t pick just one recipe for this day! So, I’m going to take you to a few different bogs, and you choose for yourself. K? Kthanx.

This first recipe,  Dairy Free Herbed Scalloped Potatoes, you could make to eat the dish one night with leftovers for another night OR you can make two smaller casseroles and freeze one. There’s no extra work involved and you will be thankful for something healthful that you can pull out of the freezer when you don’t have time to cook.


Photo credit goes to Ginny from Vegan in he Freezer.


It never stops to amaze me with all the wonderful recipes Kathy comes up with. Have you seen her latest? It’s Twice Air-Fried Vegan Stuffed Idaho® Potatoes. You heard that right! Don’t they look amazing? Don’t worry if you don’t have an Air Fryer, which I think you should, but not judging, you can easily make these in the oven.


Photo credit goes to Kathy Hester from Healthy Slow Cooking.


Now this next recipe is something I wouldn’t eat every day, but let me tell you as a treat it’s really nice. You have to make it at home and forget about that Wendy’s crap. Queso Burger Fries.


What is your favourite way to eat potatoes?

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