July 23- National Hot Dog Day


It’s also National Vanilla ice cream day. Make sure you give yourself a heavy dose of it after your hot dogs!

Yes, vegans eat hot dogs. Here’s one great brand that is my go to:

Tofurky. Image is from their site. 

Now if you’re wanting a sausage dog here two brands I highly recommend. 

1. Gusta Foods. They are a Canadian company that I discovered a few months ago. Their sausage is amazing! My favourite is the Español!! It’s texture is great, there’s a little spice to it- but doesn’t overpower the taste of the other ingredients.  Image is from their site. 

Field Roast. You can find them in the States and Canada. They’re prettt good! Image is from their site. 

How are you celebrating today?


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  1. I make my own hot dogs usually but I love those Field Roast Frankfurters. Gotta find that Gusta stuff…haven’t seen it in Calgary yet.

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    1. Brandie says:

      Do you have a planet organic? I seen some there yesterday (in Edmonton though). They also ship.


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