July 22- National Penuche Day 


I have never heard of Penuche before. So I’m going to rename this day to National Baked Bean Day. 

Vegan Baked Beans. This recipe finishes in the crockpot. Photo credit goes to Chuck from Brand New Vegan.

2. Homemade Baked Beans. Beans over toast? Nice little brunch. Photo credit goes to Rebecca from Vegan Sparkles.

Do you have a great vegan baked bean recipe you would like to share? Let me know. 


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  1. Awesome 😀 😀 I love baked beans on toast! It has been one of my favourite meals my whole life. I usually buy a tin of beans at the shop and put them on the stove. Although a few times lately Violet and I have bought vegan gluten free pizza bases and baked them and then put baked beans on top. It’s gorgeous. Pizza meets beans on toast! Yum.
    We have made our own beans a few times in the past, on the stove or in a slow cooker, it’s fun 🙂

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    1. Brandie says:

      I would never have thought to put beans on a pizza! Brilliant!

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      1. Oh, I highly recommend it. It’s delicious! 😀

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      2. Brandie says:

        I’ll give it a try.

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