July 21- National Junk Food Day


Junk food day on a Friday? I like this idea!! 

Now this few links can be made as healthy or junk-ish as you like. But be a naughty and just give into the temptation. Put some chips on that burger, deep fry those pickles, add some onion rings to your fries. Just do it. Did you even want to leave the house today anyways? Exactly. You’re welcome!

1. The double onion ring! Oh yes I did and it was a beautiful thing. Or make a single. 
2. Mozzarella sticks! So good!!

3. The double stacker cheeseburger

4. The  Vegan Taco Bell Crunch Wrap. 

5. Unicorn Smoothie.

Let me know how you are celebrating National Junk Food Day. Have a recipe you want to share? Let me know. 

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