July 31- National Raspberry Cake Day 

This is the only raspberry cake you’ll want to make!  So Delicious’s Raspberry lemon cake with cream cheese frosting!! I’m borrowing their image from their site. So the photo credit goes to them, as I’m not seeing mention to someone else taking the photo.  Enjoy!! How do you like your raspberry cake? If you haven’t tried So…

July 30- National Cheesecake Day

Lemon raspberry cheesecake. Ok, this is an oatmeal dish but it’s still legit!! Photo credit goes to Kathy Hester from Healthy Slow Cooking.    If your looking for an actual cheesecake check out this Lemon cheesecake. The recipe and photo credit belongs to Jill Nussinow, aka the Veggie Queen.      Enjoy!! Let me know if you have a recipe that…

July 29- National Lasagna Day

Try this easy Lasagna recipe. Best of all you can use any type of lasagna noodle and as long as you use enough sauce you don’t need to cook the noodles first. Photo credit goes to Brandie from 2 Flirty Girls and a Juicer. What do you like to put in your lasagna? 

July 28- National Chocolate Milk Day

Here’s a few ways to celebrate the day:  Cashew chocolate milk.  This just looks refreshing. Photo credit goes to Ilene from The Colorful Kitchen. Almond chocolate milk. Photo credit goes to Dana from Minimalist Baker. Have a favourite chocolate milk recipe you want to share? 

July 27- National Scotch Day 

I’m not a big fan of scotch but Maple sour whiskey looks good! Photo credit goes to Cookie and Kate.  How do you like your scotch? 

July 25- National Bagelfest

5 days celebrating the love of bagels and lox!  Enjoy 🙂 1. Carrot Lox. This looks great!! Photo Credit goes to Nicole from Yumsome. 2. Jewish Bagels. Don’t you love coming across a recipe and you have all the ingredients on hand? I know I do! Photo credit goes to Nicole from Yumsome. 3. Bagels. The toppings are endless. I would use…

July 24- National Tequila Day

Heartbreaker. Love that name! Photo credit goes to Kathy from Healthy Slow Cooking. Do you have a vegan tequila recipe you’d like to share? Let me know!

July 23- National Hot Dog Day

It’s also National Vanilla ice cream day. Make sure you give yourself a heavy dose of it after your hot dogs! Yes, vegans eat hot dogs. Here’s one great brand that is my go to: Tofurky. Image is from their site.  Now if you’re wanting a sausage dog here two brands I highly recommend.  1. Gusta…

July 22- National Penuche Day 

I have never heard of Penuche before. So I’m going to rename this day to National Baked Bean Day.  1 Vegan Baked Beans. This recipe finishes in the crockpot. Photo credit goes to Chuck from Brand New Vegan. 2. Homemade Baked Beans. Beans over toast? Nice little brunch. Photo credit goes to Rebecca from Vegan Sparkles. Do you have a great…

July 21- National Junk Food Day

Junk food day on a Friday? I like this idea!!  Now this few links can be made as healthy or junk-ish as you like. But be a naughty and just give into the temptation. Put some chips on that burger, deep fry those pickles, add some onion rings to your fries. Just do it. Did…

July 20-National Lollipop Day

1.Caramel apple lollipops. Homemade? Yes please!! Photo credit goes to Cara from Fork and Beans. 2. Laura’s Chocolate date nut lollipop. Photo credit goes to Ann from An Unrefined Vegan. Do you have a vegan lollipop recipe you want to share? Let me know. 

July 19-National Daiquiri Day 

It seems to be a boozy month, but you can omit the alcohol to these drinks and they’ll still be as good.  1. Natural strawberry daiquiri. Photo credit goes to Inger from Art Of Natural Living. 2. Frozen lemon lime ginger daiquiri. Yummy!! I love her recipes! Photo credit goes to Becky from Glue and Glitter. Do you have a great…