Jan 20- National Cheese Lover’s Day

I love a good vegan cheese!! Here are some of my favorites:

Miyoko’s garlic herb. This is a nice flavour. Expensive in Canada, but worth every penny er nickel, as we no longer have pennies here, but you get the idea. You should buy this for your next party.


Follow Your Heart has some great cheeses for your pizza, mozza sticks, grilled cheese and more. FYI Follow Your Heart is known as Earth Island in Canada.


Chao by Fieldroast is great for grilled cheese, cheese and crackers. I have even used it for a vegan snack down- the double onion ring.



Daiya is the very first cheese I bought. It makes for great mozza sticks. If you’re new to vegan cheese- a little of this goes a long way on pizza. The flavour has improved over the past 5 or so years since I first went vegan. Yummy.

Dreena Burton’s vegveeta is my go to for all my nacho cheese needs! I’m so glad she posted the recipe on her site, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

photo cred for the daiya cheese goes to Daiya’s website.

photo cred for the chao cheese goes to the Fieldroast website.

Tell me what is your favourite cheese?








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