Dec 30- National Bacon Day

I really want this book-  Baconish: Sultry and Smoky Plant-Based Recipes from BLTs to Bacon Mac & Cheese by Leinana Two Moons!! Kathy Hester has a review and a recipe for coconut bacon on her site! image taken from amazon.

Dec 29-National Pepper Pot Day

I have no idea what a Pepper Pot is… is it a pot full of peppers? I did find a recipe that looks interesting, over at Vegetarian Times. Do you have a vegan recipe? Let me know.

Dec 28- National Boxed Chocolates Day

We are going to make chocolates, pretend they came from a box. Seriously these are better than store bought. Laura’s Mom’s Turtle Cookie Squares look amazing….. Oh that Blender Girl! She has some seriously wicked recipes, check this out Cashew Cream Vegan Chocolate Truffle Squares.

Dec 27- National Fruitcake Day

Yeah, I can’t even… do you have a vegan recipe for fruitcake? Now this fruitcake I can handle!!! photo credit goes to the site Nita’s Vegetable Fruit Carving. Seriously spend some time on that site.. she has talent!!

Dec 25- National Christmas Day

I really want to label this “Too much drinking and fighting – thankfully it’s only once a year day”, but I know many families out there that don’t have a dysfunctional family setting. Or they at least put aside their differences and can get along for a few hrs. I don’t know maybe it’s the…

Dec 24- National Boozy Eggnog Day

Now, this is something to try. I’m not a fan of eggnog- but hey this has rum in it! Check out Isa’s Matrioshka Eggnog. Yum!!!!

Dec 23- National Bake Day

Dreena Burton makes Christmas baking easy with her The 12 Cookies of Christmas post. I’ve tried many that’s listed and they are wonderful!

Dec 22- National Date Nut Bread Day

Food 52 has a tasty looking Vegan Date Nut Bread. You should check it out. I have never tried it before, but I think this is the recipe I would try first.

Dec 21- National Hamburger Day

Have you tried Beyond Meat’s Beast Burger? Oh you should try it… it’s so good and filling! Skip the fries because you don’t need them. The following images are from Beyond Meat’s site: 23 grams oh protein! That’s how vegans get their protein baby!

Dec 20- National Sangria Day

Rachel from Style and Spice has THE Best Red Sangria. At least that’s what they claim. I’m going to try it as I have not made this drink before… but it’s kinda like a juice, it contains fruit 😉