Nov 6- National Nacho Day

Nacho’s the deconstructed taco. Basically chips covered in a yummy cheese sauce and salsa. Sometimes some sort of crumble, maybe walnut crumbles Sam’s taco crumbles, or some Gardein beef-less crumbles.


These nacho’s are made with Dreena Burton’s vegveeta Dip. When you are talking about sauce cheese, this is my go to recipe. I have made others, but I keep coming back to this one. You need to make this for your nacho’s- you can thank me later. The photo credit belongs to Hannah Kaminsky. (I’m going to be checking her twitter out, talented lady). Thank you Dreena, for letting me use the photo on your site.


You need some really good salsa to go with it. Check out this one on simply recipes. I haven’t made it, but it’s close to the one I make. I’ll post that later. On my nacho’s I used Sam’s taco crumbles. Assemble and enjoy.

I just came across a nut free recipe that’s like the vegveeta 🙂 Dreena is a source of magical awesomeness!! 

What do you like on your nacho’s?


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