Oct 14- National Dessert Day

I can talk forever about this one!! So, many good ones to really narrow down to a few. BUT I’m going to take you over to Glue and Glitter’s site for some Chonut Holes. I made them the other morning to take to the kids at lunch time. The other kids were jealous that my kids not only got donut holes, but that I make them. Thankfully I know people like Becky who shares her recipes with us, otherwise we would be left donut-less, and that’s a horrible feeling…..


Daiya has greek yogurt alternative out in stores now. I really enjoy the strawberry flavor. So good!!!!!!!

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Michael and Ethan from veganmos.com came up with some whoopie pies 🙂 Oh and in their new cookbook that will be out in 2017- you should check out the dessert’s- from the ones I have seen and made they are so delish!!  Here’s a black and white cookie.

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Here’s a few pics of other desserts you can make or buy:

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What dessert(s) do you like to eat or make? Let me know.




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