Oct 6- National Noodle Day

When I think of a noodle dish I think of Kathy Hester’s  broccoli with spicy garlic sauce.  This dish comes together in basically minutes, if you have 10 mins- you have time to make this. I’ve even made it with frozen broccoli before and it works, although I do like fresh better. Saucy, spicy, garlicky pure bliss. I paired the veggies with rice last night, but I do like them over noddles the most.  The recipe is from her latest book The Easy Vegan, check out my review. The book came out about a year ago, and I received a facebook memory notification and there was only one copy left on the amazon site. I think everyone should have this book. This recipe alone is with the purchase.



Yes, shells can be called noodles and if you really want to have long noodles, just sub the shells out for it. Either way it’ll be delish- check out Ginny, from Vegan in the freezer’s  recipe. You will at least want to book mark it. Have a look at what I had to say .

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What do you like to put on your noodles? Do you have a must try recipe? Drop me a line 🙂

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