Sept 28- National Drink a Beer Day

That’s right people, have a beer- you’re welcome. I asked people what their favorite was and here’s some of their answers. Some are local, some can be bought almost any place in Canada and the States. Stop reading, grab a beer and surf through the links.


Half Pints Brewing Co is local to Manitoba, so if you live in that province, try some- it comes highly recommended.


Ok, I had to laugh at the name of this company Fat Tire, because seriously? Fat tire sounds like a nice way to say beer belly. But there’s a story behind the name.For the back story check it out here.


I haven’t heard of this brand before, but it look like a nice tall glass(es) of refreshing- grapefruit sculpin and pineapple sculpin. Both beers are made by Ballast point.


Who doesn’t celebrate Canada Day without enjoying a Molson Canadian? You just have to eh!

As with anything make sure you check to make sure it’s vegan, sometimes formulations change with is as annoying AF.

What beer do you enjoy? Let me know.

**The images are borrowed from the company’s website.



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